Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Grenz Sold Studebakers in Wesleyville

Old Time Erie. Grenz Motors- bottom left: 2809 Buffalo Rd. Top: 2814 Buffalo Rd.
Elmer Grenz operated a Studebaker dealership on Buffalo Road in Wesleyville, PA for a total of thirty years. He started selling cars in 1934. Elmer serviced all makes and models of cars in his original shop at 2809 Buffalo Road, and did PA state inspections. This spot was later the location of Catrabone's store, which sold model cars and candy. It was then home to Gary's Variety, which sold a lot of newspapers, magazines and lottery tickets. The building was demolished to make room for a used car lot. 

Mr. Grenz had a new building constructed at 2814 Buffalo Road, across the street from the old location. This was a much bigger, nicer showroom on Route 20 just east of the City of Erie. The section that faced Buffalo Road had large windows and a big display area. Elmer was a car dealer for a total of forty years. After he retired, the building had different uses. It was a DeLorean dealership for a very short time and a bargain store that sold a variety of items, including record albums. Cycle City was located there for a number of years. A rent-to-own store was also a tenant. 

Elmer Grenz was well liked by his customers. He passed away in 1990. This article and photos originally appeared in the book Greetings From Wesleyville Volume 1 by Debbi Lyon.

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  1. Right up the block from my house growing up - this is where my folks bought their first car. I can also remember going to Catrabone's (or as we called it Cackterbones) and being thrilled when my mom bought me a yo-yo.