Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Erie Fire Department To The Rescue

Security-Peoples Trust ad by A. Hintenach.
Erie Firefighters have been saving lives and property for almost 190 years. the Erie Active Fire Company was formed in 1826, followed by the Red Jacket Company No. 1 in 1837 and Perry Eagle in 1839.

By 1890 there were seven fire houses in Erie, PA with four steamers, six hose wagons, one hook and ladder and one chemical engine- all pulled by 35 horses. There were 63 men on the job, fighting fires with a 25 foot ladder and 12,600 feet of 2.5" hose.  

The department answered 108 alarms in 1894.

Find more historic facts and old photos of Erie, Pennsylvania at Old Time Erie (or Old Tim Erie if autocorrect takes over.)

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