Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wolff's Store on 13th and Parade

Wolff's Department Store was located on the northwest corner of 13th and Parade Street in Erie, PA. Nathan Wolff established the business in 1898 and it was later run by his sons, Max and Herman Wolff. This discount retail store still existed in 1963. 

"The Wolff Brothers have in addition to the 13th and Parade store opened the giant surplus stores in Erie and have used all the excess space in the Parade St. store for warehousing, which is now bulging with first quality merchandise, including all the heavy winter needs necessary to all of you for Erie's long winters."

The sale items included oxfords, sport shirts, chino slacks and children's dresses for 99¢ each; Dungarees, rugs and flatties for $1.44 each; work pants for $2.57 and work shirts for $1.99. They also had ladies' dress heels for $3.99 and men's work shoes for $2.77. Need a pair of work gloves to haul scrap metal or build a shed in the backyard? Those would set you back 33¢ per pair in 1963.

The building that housed Wolff's Department Store at 1228 Parade Street was demolished. It is now a vacant lot just south of a Country Fair store and gas station.

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  1. I remember this store when I was a teenager in the sixties. It was Champion Auto Parts then, in the mid sixties. I'd always thought it had been Champion for decades. I guess the new owners just never cleaned it up when they took it over because it was real junky and dirty when I went in there.
    Pat Baird