Saturday, December 14, 2013

Western Provision Market 4th and Cherry

Old Time Erie photo ©Sandra K. Sagala. Published with the permission of the photographer.
Western Provision Market was on West 4th St. near Cherry in Erie, PA when this photo was taken around 1960. Again, another shot with some cool old cars! ('57 Chevy?) Check out the prices for meat: round steaks, sirloin steaks and t-bone steaks were only 75¢ per pound. Ground beef was 3 pounds for $1.25. Chuck roast was 39¢ per pound and ground chuck was 69¢ per pound. 

There were a number of Western Provision stores in Erie, including this one at 560 West 4th St. The store had a butcher in a white apron who would cut meat to order. You could also ask for ham, bacon, sausage or meat from the chilled display case. The butcher would measure out a specific quantity on the scale, wrap it in butcher's paper, seal it with a piece of masking tape and write the price on the package with a black mechanical grease pencil. The people who ran these stores knew everyone in the neighborhood by name.

City Hardware was located next door at 558 West 4th St. The Gem Social Club, which is not visible in this photo, was a few doors away at 552 West 4th St.

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