Friday, December 6, 2013

Top 50 Post Offices in Erie County, PA

Before consolidations and budget cuts, there were more than 50 post offices in Erie County, PA. The photo above shows the rural delivery routes for the County of Erie in 1903. There are lots of names that you don't hear of anymore. Does anyone know where Northville was?

The Top 50 Post Offices in 1903:
Albion, Anson, Arbuckle
Century, Cherry Hill, Clipper, Corry, Cranesville
East Greene, East Springfield
Fairview, Francis, Franklin Corners
Girard, Godard, Greenfield
Hammett, Harborcreek, Hornby
Kuhl, Keepville
Lavery, LeBoeuf, Lowville, Lundy's Lane
McKean, McLallen Corners, McLane
Milesgrove, Mill Village, Moorheadville
Nasby, North East, North Springfield, Northville
Pennside, Phillipsville, Platea, Pont
Sterrettania, Swanville
Union City
Wanneta, Waterford, Wattsburg, Weis Library, Wesleyville, West Springfield

Enjoy more fun facts about Erie, Pennsylvania at: Old Time Erie


  1. Does anyone remember using postal zones before we had zip codes?
    Our address ended with Wesleyville 7, PA before it became Wesleyville, PA 16510.

  2. There sure are a lot of 'Ville's on this list.