Friday, December 20, 2013

Erie County Sportsman's League

Pictured above are membership cards to the Erie County Sportsman's League from 1952 and 1953 that belonged to Ralph Schaffner. This club was a member of the Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsman's Clubs. 

Perhaps you can help tell the story of the ECSL. Where was the club's shooting range? What caliber was permitted on the range? Did members shoot trap, pistols or rifles? Did it include muzzle loaders? Did they have an expert who helped hunters site their guns? Was this the precursor to the Erie County Sportsmen's League? 

I know- so many questions….I'll update this story when I find more info.

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  1. My father took us their as kids to stand and watch him sight in his rifles. It was out by I-90 ,south of Erie. At the entrance there was an old house,it was the clubhouse. The firing range was facing south away from the highway. I'd guess approx. summer of 1965. Acres of tall sweet grass.