Sunday, November 3, 2013

Vote For Joey Stevens

It's lovely weather for ducks, on many a day here in Erie, PA. If you lived in Northwestern PA, you've had to ride the storm out on plenty of times. And if you tuned in or turned on (your TV), you probably recognize this guy. 

Joey Kodba ran for Erie County Council in the 1977 primary election, hoping to represent the 4th District in Erie Co., PA. Joey who? Why, it's Joey Stevens, your fair weather friend, from WJET-TV. 

Before he worked as a weatherman, Joey was a DJ on WJET-AM. Before that he was Tom Terrific on WWYN. He made the jump from radio to television, first at WJET-TV 24 and then at WSEE-TV.

Joey wasn't so lucky in politics, but there were at least two other local broadcasters who won their election bids. John Evans, a sportscaster at WJET-TV, represented Pennsylvania's 5th District in the PA House of Representatives. Phil Fatica, an anchorman for WSEE-TV, currently represents the 1st District on Erie County Council. On the national level, Ronald Reagan made the leap from movies to the White House.

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  1. His wife was an English teacher at Garwood (now Fairview) Middle School.