Sunday, October 27, 2013

Masonic Temple at 8th and Peach

The Masonic Temple Building in Downtown Erie, PA was constructed in 1909 and completed in 1910. This six-story building is located on the northeast corner of 8th and Peach. The grand lobby has beautiful marble and woodwork throughout.

The scene in the postcard above is much different today because the old Boston Store was constructed to the north of the Masonic Temple in place of the three-story building shown here. (You could enter the Boston Store on Peach Street and exit on State St.) The three-story building to the right of the Temple was the Ensign Building at 16 West 8th Street. The Ensign was replaced by a five-story building that is now occupied by UPMC Health Plan.

The Masonic Temple Building, at 32 West 8th St., is the home of the Perry Keystone No. 392, the Lawrence No. 708 and the Tyrian Commonwealth No. 362 Masonic lodges. There are a number of businesses, offices 

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  1. The Boston Store had entrances on all four surrounding streets: State, W 7th, Peach, and W 8th.. As I recall there were also doors to stairs leading to the basement level on W 8th and Peach (to the cafeteria)

    1. Hi Dave! It was great if you were walking downtown in the rain or snow because you could cut through the building and get to the next street. But it must have been a nightmare for the security guards. I wonder how much inventory they lost each year.

    2. In the 1940s, I don't remember uniformed security guards anywhere but in banks. I assume watching for shop-lifters in the Boston Store was done by ununiformed "floor-walkers" who had more of a supervisory role.

      I don't know what the shop-lifting rate was, but I think there was a greater trust level,(and less crime?) but that may be childhood naivete.

  2. Look at those old cars all lined up on the street. And the neat lamp posts. I didn't know there were so many smaller buildings on Peach St. What is that shadow from?