Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dailey's 1955 Chevrolet Super Service Ad

How many classic cars did your family buy from Dailey's Chevrolet? The lot was on the corner of 21st and State for years (pre-Hallman's), so I bet someone in your family tree shopped there. The ad shown above was mailed to customers to promote new cars, including the '55 Chevy crossing the tracks on the cover. A series of these four-page flyers were sent out to potential buyers to promote new vehicles and also to remind people to service their cars. Need new brakes? We've got 'em. An alignment? Check. Tire rotation? Yep, we do that too. 

"The wise driver doesn't take chances, either in the way he drives- or in the condition of his car. He makes sure it's in tip-top shape through periodic check-ups. You, as a Chevrolet owner, will drive with greater peace of mind once your car has had the benefit of our Chevrolet 10-point Safety Check...Better not wait. Come in now."

The inside of each flyer had practical information for the home owner. This one included examples of common nails, finishing nails, household tacks, cut nails, roofing nails, spikes and casing nails. I could have used this chart when I redid my garage roof. In the hot sun. Not fun.

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