Monday, September 23, 2013

Tour Top Historic Sites in Downtown Erie

Charles M. Tibbals lived in this Greek Revival home at 146 East 5th Street more than 170 years ago. Tibbals was the founder of the Chicago & Erie Stove Company, which manufactured the "Invincible," an award-winning, ornate coal burning stove that heated many a parlor throughout the United States. This red brick house is a testament to his wealth and keen attention to detail.

Did you miss your chance to tour this beautiful home, and nine other nearby properties, this Thursday, Sept. 26th? The Erie County Historical Society coordinated this self-guided tour, which included sites owned by Erie Insurance. Many of the buildings pre-date the Civil War. Tickets are $10 each.

Ten sites on State and French Streets, from 3rd to 6th Street, were included on the itinerary. They included the Cashier's House and Erie History Center, Chandlery Corner (4th and State), the Dickson Tavern (2nd and French), Pierre S. V. Hamot House (3rd and French), Sullivan's Pub, O'Donnell House (4th and French), St. Patrick Catholic Church (130 E. 4th), the H. O. Hirt Building (East 6th) and the F. W. Hirt Building on the corner of 6th and French. On street parking is generally free after 6 p.m. downtown.

(On a side note, I almost called this post "The Trouble With Tibbals" but I wasn't sure how many of you were Star Trek fans and watched the episode about tribbles.)

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