Friday, August 9, 2013

Dinner at Kresge's for 59 Cents

Remember when you could head to Downtown Erie on a Saturday afternoon, do some window shopping, then stop at Kresge's for a complete meatloaf dinner....for 59 cents? 

SS Kresge's had sales at the beginning of June in 1959 to celebrate their 60th Anniversary. They advertised a number of items that sold for less than 60¢ to draw people into the store. In this instance you could saddle up to the lunch counter or cram into a booth for a meal and a free Pepsi. Oh, and the dinner included the "good gravy."

Kresge's was one of the places that kids liked to hang out when they had a few minutes to spare while waiting to transfer to another bus route after school. It was on the corner of 9th and State in Erie, Pennsylvania.

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  1. And coffee was "still only 10 cents" as late as 1971.

  2. My grandmother ran the beauty shop in the downstairs of Kresge's (Madeline's). I remember going there as a kid - and the huge soda fountain/snack bar upstairs. My parents both worked there - that is how they met. Would love to see some pics!!