Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cold Hard Cash and Toasters

Remember back in the old days, when people carried money? Actual fives, tens and twenty dollar bills, along with quarters, nickels and dimes? When every town had a post office and a bank?

Banks used to give their customers canvas bags to carry money. A small business owner or an employee would walk down the street to the local bank, money bag in hand, and not worry about getting robbed. There was usually a long line on Friday afternoons when people came in to cash their paychecks. After inching around the velvet ropes, people would wait their turn until the teller said, "Next, please." Banks accepted rolls of change in little paper wrappers along with stacks of bills and checks from their customers. 

Oh, and if you opened a new account, you could get a free toaster!

Enjoy more fun facts and photos of Erie, PA at: Old Time Erie


  1. You got a free blanket when you opened a savings account with Marine Bank in the fall of 1970.

    1. Gives new meaning to the phrase "We've got you covered."

  2. These bags really came in handy.

    I remember using them when collecting for my paper route when kids actually delivered the newspaper (imagine that).

    The bank bags were perfect to help you keep all your collection money in one place and made it easy to make change for your customers.

  3. I still have my Marine Bank zippered small bag that I keep my checks in. My aunt was a VP there.