Sunday, July 14, 2013

Warner Theater Flood 1972

-articles in Erie Daily Times

Imagine the horror of coming into work on a Monday morning and finding several feet of water in your building. Imagine turning the key and opening the doors to a historic landmark in Downtown Erie and finding thousands of gallons of water in the isles.

That's exactly what happened at the Warner Theatre on Monday, January 17th, 1972 when Robert Bowman and Vinnie Marchant showed up and discovered water covering the seats inside the Warner. 

Two pianos- a baby grand and an upright- were destroyed, as was carpeting and a number of items that were stored in the basement. It was a real mess.

Luckily, crews were able to pump out the water and clean up the debris. Several generations of fans have enjoyed movies, concerts, plays, dance recitals, weddings and graduations at the Warner Theatre at 811 State Street in Erie, PA. 

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  1. Thanks for searching this out. Vinnie was my Father and he was heartbroken to see this. He really loved that building. I remember him saying "Good thing they sold the Wurlitzer"..The water extended to the 9th row of seats, too.