Monday, July 8, 2013

The Roar From These Shores

Back in 1963, the Roar on the Shore had nothing to do with motorcycles. Erie residents were in a patriotic mood, celebrating the Perry Sesquicentennial in a big way. A replica of the Flagship Niagara was assembled in Veteran's Memorial Stadium at 26th and State Street, along with a 300 foot stage. Five hundred people appeared in a series of performances that spanned seven days in August of 1963. The Roar From These Shores came from the audience at the end of each show. 

Tonight Show host Jack Paar said, "One thing is evident- it's a great community effort. I've never seen such a project as this before. We need more of this in America."

PA Governor William Scranton said, "I've seen a lot of pageants. This is by far the best I have ever seen. I'm really impressed."

An advertisement claimed, "Any child who sees "From These Shores' will cherish the memory all his life and thank you for it. Don't be the on to deny him the best look he'll ever get at the history of Erie."

Were you one of the children who saw the show? Did you appear in "From These Shores?" I'm looking for pictures of the event and I'm sure someone has a few in a scrapbook. If you would like to contribute photos to an upcoming project about the Perry Sesquicentennial, be sure to act now. Contact me here to participate. Can't wait to hear your stories.

Enjoy more facts and photos of Erie, Pennsylvania at: Old Time Erie

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