Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Get On Board Baby Elephant

It's anybody's guess what's going through the mind of this little girl as she meets Bubbles, the baby elephant, up close. She looks curious, but ready to run away at the slightest noise or movement. It doesn't look like there is any room for her to jump back on the bus since the other kids are all standing on the stairs.

This picture was taken in 1968 and was probably a promo shot for the EMTA summer run to the Glenwood Zoo on a route along West 38th Street. 

The Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority (EMTA) ran a number of promotions to try and increase ridership of public transit buses.

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  1. That's Bubbles...the baby elephant from the zoo in Erie. They had a contest for kids to name the baby elephant and the name Bubbles was chosen.