Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fun Times At Camp Glinodo

Old Time Erie photo used with the permission of photographer Dr. Barbara Chambers.
Camp Glinodo is located off of Route 5 in Harborcreek Township, near Seven Mile Creek. This 40 acre site was opened in 1930 by the Sisters of St. Benedict. The camp, which is run by the Benedictine Sisters, has a great view of Lake Erie along its northern border. 

There are structured activities for campers such as games and hiking and nature exploration.  The photo above was taken by Barbara Chambers in July of 1959, when a friend talked her into taking a summer job at Camp Glinodo. The girls are Faye Marsh Clark, Jane Straub, Gretchen Diem, Carole Amenta, Caroline Bushelman and Marcia Petrini.

In order to keep an eye on the young campers, the camp counselors slept on the front porch of the cottage, ensuring that no one would sneak out during the night. Campers slept inside, dorm style, in bunk beds.

The camp name was changed to Glinodo Conference Center in 1980. The property includes 1,000 feet of lakefront property.

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  1. If you read Dave Frew's "Midnight Herring," you can read all about Glinodo, which was used as a landing zone for rumrunners during the 1920s before the nuns chased the rumrunners out. One of the big buildings near the lake used to be a speakeasy known as "Murphyhurst." There's a great story how the Benedictine Mother Superior confronted the rumrunners and ordered them to leave.