Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Bridge on the Ave or a Subway on Brandes?

"Why We Believe the Brandes Street Subway is More Important Than an Overhead Bridge in East Avenue." 

It looks like this has been a hot topic for a long time; the ad appeared in the Erie Daily Times on June 18, 1937. At that time, the area between East 12th and East 18th Street and Buffalo Road, from East Avenue to Wayne Street was a hodgepodge of train tracks. The Pennsylvania Railroad round house and car shop was near Wayne St., Erie City Iron Works and Erie Engine & Mfg. Co. had several sidings at their shops. The New York Central Railroad had about a half-dozen east/west lines, and the Nickel Plate Road cut across Buffalo Rd. to Commercial Street. 

The ballot asked people to vote for:
"A subway on Brandes Street 2 blocks east of East Ave...with a straight route to Buffalo Rd." 
"An overhead bridge 22 feet high over the tracks on East Ave. left and one right curve to Route 20."

The East Ave. Bridge a.k.a. McBride Viaduct opened in 1938.

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