Monday, June 3, 2013

Skinner Engine Company 12th and Chestnut

The Skinner Engine Company was located at 337 West 12th St. Most of the buildings shown in this A. Hintenach illustration still stand near the corner of West 12th and Chestnut Street in Erie, PA. Security-Peoples Trust Company released a cool booklet in 1946 called "There's Security in 'Erieland." The following description of the company appeared in that publication.

"Skinner Engine Company, founded in 1868 by its first President, LeGrand Skinner, built the first poppet-valve Unaflow Steam Engine in this country. Today, in its 77th year, under the direction of J. LeGrand Skinner, its third President, Skinner Engine Company is the largest exclusive builder of steam engines in the United States. The original Skinner Engine is here illustrated.

American industry grows great over the decades, inspired by the credo...'long after the price has been forgotten, the quality proves the value of the product.' Thus Skinner has sold its famous Universal Unaflow engines for use in land-bound business and industry in the four corners of the world...and for ships that sail the seven seas. Reliable statistics show that 50% of all Unaflow engines built in this country have come from the Skinner Plant."

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  1. My wife's grandfather listed Skinner Engine Co. as his place of employment on his
    ww II Draft Registration Card. His name was Urban Swiderski. I'm wondering if there is any information about him in company archives? M. Moore