Friday, June 21, 2013

Koehler's Neon Sign and Clock

Old Time Erie: Koehler clock photo ©John Baker 2013.
Stark. Bold. Stately. The old Koehler clock on State Street. How sad it was to watch this old sign suffer a slow and agonizing death. Its paint peeled. Rust dissolved the iron. The hands stopped turning. Time stood still. No one seems to remember the exact day when the Koehlers first flipped the switch. It lit up the skyline for many years.

The old red and white building at 2121 State St. was constructed in 1863, at a turbulent time when the Civil War was in full swing. The brewery was established in Erie, Pennsylvania by the Koehler family in 1847. The Erie Brewing Company sold the Koehler brand to C. Schmidt and Co. of Philadelphia in February of 1978 and stopped brewing beer in Erie. The five building complex sat vacant from '78 until it was leveled in the spring of 2006.

Did you know there were several Koehler beer references in the movie That Thing You Do featuring Tom Hanks? Click the movie title for a cool article with stills from the scenes in the motion picture.

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  1. I wonder what happened to this clock, and the Koehler clock with the bottle pouring beer into a glass at 10th & State.

    1. It went to the scrap yard. There was talk of re-doing it maybe 10-15 years ago, it would have been easier for a sign company to build it new from scratch than try and salvage it.

  2. The clock and the filling beer glass were landmarks I eagerly looked at every time the family make the trek from the lower east side to the Glenwood area to visit my Great Aunt. It never got old, even seeing it once or twice a week! I miss it.

    Leslie Ann

  3. I lived at 158 W. 18th Street and in approximately 1952 when I was 10 years old, I fell into the broken glass bottle pit behind the brewery. There was a large board across the pit supported by concrete walls and my brother and I like to play 'pirate' and 'walk the plank' only I fell in. I still have a very large scar on my left leg to prove it. I remember the brewery well!!