Friday, June 28, 2013

Get The Lead Out

This spring I was pleasantly surprised with a box of old pens and pencils that advertised old businesses in Erie, PA. The ten pencils shown here were collected by Ralph Schaffner, who owned and operated gas stations in Erie and Wesleyville. 

The items shown above were probably given free to customers as advertising for the stores and businesses. Included in this batch of ten pencils are: 

Hinkler & Applequist Excavating- Heavy Hauling
Marquette Savings Association, 920 Peach St., Erie, PA
TC Sales and Service, 1516 Buffalo Rd, Erie PA (Tom and Pat Chambers)
Perry Mill Supply Company
Barker - Peck - Sima Realtors, 812 West 29th St., Erie PA
First National Bank of Pennsylvania
A. Duchini, Inc., 24th and Brandes and 5600 block of West Ridge Rd.
Tellers Organ Company, Erie PA (fine pipe organs since 1906)
Recoe Hearing Aid Center, 1837 West 26th St., Erie, PA
Northwest Mutual Savings Association

Who knows what treasures lurk in your attic.

Find more unusual Erie items at: Old Time Erie

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