Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Accidental Pawn Shop Shooting

She was told not to touch it, but she couldn't resist.

"Laura Trusky, who lives at No. 438 East 14th St., yesterday afternoon about 5 o'clock learned a lesson which she will not soon forget and will never again handle in a careless manner, a loaded revolver. Her carelessness nearly cost her life.

She and her escort went into Althof's pawnshop on Turnpike, near State Street, to look over some things. The lady saw the revolver lying on the counter, and picking it up began toying with it, telling her friend she was going to shoot into the ceiling. He told her to be careful of somebody would get hurt.

Suddenly there was a report and the girl gave a shriek. Blood flowed from her left arm and breast. Her companion hurried her to the office of Dr. A. Z. Randall who probed for the bullet in vain, and dressed the wound. The ball had passed through the forearm and caused a slight wound in the breast. The fleshy part of the arm stopped the force of the bullet and saved the girl's life.

After the young lady had been sent to her home, Dr. Randall found the bullet lying on the floor. It probably did not penetrate the flesh, being stopped by the clothing. The young lady/s condition is not serious, but her escape from instant death is next to marvelous." -Erie Evening Herald, Monday, May 23, 1904.

Dr. Alvin Z. Randall had an office at 1606 Peach St. in Erie, Pennsylvania.

I have two questions...
What ever happened to Laura Trusky?
Why would someone leave a loaded revolver on a counter?

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