Monday, May 6, 2013

Strong Mansion is Gannon's Old Main

Strong Mansion. Views of Erie circa 1904.
The Strong Mansion, a majestic house that is currently known as Gannon University's Old Main, is located at 109 West 6th Street in Erie, PA. President William H. Taft stayed here in September of 1911.

"The house now in process of erection for Mrs. C. H. Strong will be a strikingly handsome one...It will be nearly as long as the City Hall and somewhat wider." Mrs. Charles H. Strong was Annie Wainwright Scott, the daughter of Senator William L. Scott. 

"The first story will be laid up in blue sandstone...From the top of the first story up, the walls will be of Pompeiian brick- made in New Jersey. These bricks are of a sort of antique yellow color, spotted with a darker tint...The trimmings, ornamentations and cornices will be of terra cotta and the roof of slate. The terra cotta work is all designed expressly for this house, and is made according to the architect's detail plans at the famous terra cotta works in South Amboy, NJ....There is a tower that is not as high as the rest of the building, and abundance of bays, gables, porches, balconies and all the etceteras that go to break up and render picturesque the houses of today. There is a large force of men now engaged upon it." -Erie Daily Times, May 16, 1891.

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