Tuesday, May 28, 2013

General Electric Erie Locomotive Plant Philosophy

General Electric in Erie, Pennsylvania held an open house on June 12, 1960 to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary. Visitors to the plant at 2901 East Lake Road received a 24-page booklet which told the history of the Erie plant. What follows are excerpts from the document entitled Welcome Visitor.

"We at General Electric's Erie Plant are pleased to have you as our guest. As a consumer, you're probably already familiar with GE television sets, radios, appliances, and light bulbs. But General Electric at Erie also means locomotives and generators, ferrous and non-ferrous castings- products that are basic to transportation, industry and defense all over the world. 

The headquarters of the Company's Motor and Generator Division is at the Erie Plant. The Direct Current Motor and Generator Department, Locomotive and Car Equipment Department, and Erie Relations and Utilities Operation are assigned to the Motor and Generator Division. Two other GE operations at the Erie Plant are the Erie Foundries and Erie Reconditioning Shop...

We hope that we have given you a better idea of what we do at General Electric's Erie Plant- the products we make, and the philosophy we try to live by. In the interest of all of our five 'Partners in Progress,' we try:

To give EMPLOYEES a good job at a fair wage under capable and trained supervision- in return for their attendance, skill, care and effort.

To give CUSTOMERS a good product at a fair price- in return for their business and loyalty.

To give LOCAL SUPPLIERS all the business we can- in return for quality products and skilled services.

To give SHAREOWNERS an equitable return on their money- in return for their investment in the Company.

To give you, our COMMUNITY NEIGHBORS, our full cooperation as a corporate citizen- in return for your continuing efforts to keep the Erie area a good place in which to work and live."

Note: GE made howitzers for the Army during World War II. Read about the 75mm weapons here:  GE Howitzers

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