Wednesday, May 29, 2013

East High School Circa 1969

Old Time Erie: East High School Class of '69.
East High School was dedicated on November 3, 1921. It was designed by architect William Butts Ittner (who designed a number of buildings in his hometown of St. Louis, MO) and was built by Sutherland Building and Contracting Company. The final cost of the project was $1,420,000. The school was located on Atkins and Brandes Street in Erie, PA.

Here is a brief history of East High School as it appeared in the 1969 Sunrise yearbook:
"Fifty years ago the laying of a cornerstone signaled the beginning of a new educational era on the east side of Erie. East High School opened its doors for the first time to students.

Since 1919, many changes have occurred. Fifty years ago the enrollment of East High was approximately 1000 students in four grades. We have nearly doubled that number in 1969. A graduate returning to East High School in the spring would be pleased to see the trees and shrubs in bloom. He would also notice the physical changes in the building itself because of additional classrooms, new heating, fire enclosures, and new furnishings.

New courses have also been added to the curriculum with the passage of years. Some of them are: honors and advanced placement history, English, biology and mathematics. Vocational courses in business, merchandising and home economics have been reintroduced. The courses of study have kept pace with new ideas in science.

Seven principals have guided East High throughout these fifty years. They are: John Watson Ray, Mr. C. W. McNary, E. Edwin Coon, Harold D. Leberman, Edward R. Abramoski, Henry M. Narducci and our present principal, Miss Viola E. Andrews."

Miss Andrews was principal of East High from 1968 to 1982. She was followed by John Danowski (1982-88 and 1989-93), Rupert Stadtmiller and Helen Jackson.The school colors are scarlet and gray.

The original East High School, shown in the photo above, was demolished. Governor Tom Ridge and Al Roker (from NBC's Today Show) helped dedicate the new East High School in February of 1999. 
Go Warriors!

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  1. My Mom, Mrs.Bove was the school nurse there when this picture was taken. Man, she had some stories!

  2. My parents, my sister and I all went to school there. It was a wonderful old building. I am so very happy that I took my Mom on a tour there before the building was demolished. Wonderful memories! Class of '76

  3. My brother is in this photo of the Class of 69. He would be absolutely thrilled, that East High choose his class, to represent the Old School. He bought a brick, and had it framed with a name plate to distinguish his "Class of 69". Quite a remarkabkle year indeed! He supported his buddies in every aspect of defending the Warriors, and those that went off to Vietnan,.... as he remenbered everyone, who fought in this horriffic war, and how it had changed their perceptions, once they arrived home.... with the exception of his buddies that; never made it back... He had a sharp personality, along with his shart attire. Oxford Shirts and Slacks. All the girls loved his " boy catcher" on the back of his shirts. :) He was respected, adored, well liked, popular and most of all, someone whom could be counted on should a "rumble" arise. Please light a candle on his birthday, March 27, as he passed away in 2013 of lung disease, quite suddenly. He missed you all, and spoke of his days as East with PRIDE! GO WARRIORS, and the Scarlet and Grey. In the Auditorium, the quote that reads at the top of the wooden Arc is " Every Man Must Educate Himself", by Daniel Webster. My brother believed in this Senator and Statesman from the 19th Century. He read books, encyclopedias, and knew his studies at East would take him far! , He continued his enjoyment for education, by always having the correct answers for Jeopardy!; & also correct Final answers to Jeopardy!. None could match his driving, or his wit:) He is deeply missed by his immediate family, and would send his best to his best buddies, and those that truly cared. He is at peace, and you all are in his heart, forever. A bond that can never be broken