Thursday, April 25, 2013

The SHY Club- Ronald vs. Peggy

The Erie County Motor Club, formed in 1912, published a neat magazine with items of local interest. The issue shown here is from May of 1952. 

"Fifty-two thousand five hundred pairs of shoes have crossed the threshold of the SHY Club at Sarah Hearn Memorial church since the club was founded February 8, 1945. 

Peggy Postgate and Ronald Sitter, the lively looking young people on our front cover, wear two of those pairs of shoes...SHY Club, under the adult direction of John Gillespie and Andy Peterson (who also direct Y-Astee Club at the YMCA) meets Friday evenings, and attracts about 150 junior high and early senior high age youngsters for pleasant, healthful fun. The club is jointly sponsored by the YMCA and Sarah Hearn church."

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  1. My father, Rev. John Edwards, was the pastor at Sarah Hearn when the Shy Club was active, but by the time I was around, it had ended, I grew up hearing about it, though, and wished I could have gone!

    1. I remember SHY Club very well. Since my dad (Andy Petersen) was one of the adults in charge I was given the responsibility of running the "pop stand" - thinking this was 1959-1962 or thereabouts. A very nice dance that was a Happy Day experience for all those that attended. This was more of a lower west side dance attended by mostly Strong Vincent, Villa and probably Prep Ramblers. I always remember that the Mexican Hat Dance was played just about every weeks. Everyone had such a nice time.