Friday, April 12, 2013

Congested Traffic 12th and State

It's no wonder that traffic was so congested at the intersection of 12th and State Street in Erie, PA. There does not appear to be a traffic light!

Trolleys ran up and down State Street, and also made the turn at 12th Street to head east or west. 

There were multiple distractions with pedestrians, cars, trucks and trolleys sharing the road. The Erie Police Department had a post at 12th and State. It was the little white structure near the bottom left corner. 

The Commerce Building, shown on the right, was demolished in the eighties. The trolley tracks were either ripped out or paved over. A traffic light and cross walks make this intersection much safer for people who are shopping at retail stores or working at one of the businesses or banks downtown.

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Click below to see a postcard of the Commerce Building and 12th and State Street intersection from a different angle.

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