Monday, March 4, 2013

Times Square and Harris Ford Receipts 1959

Here are a couple of auto parts receipts from 1959. Times Square Motors sold Lincoln and Mercury cars, along with all the parts and accessories used by auto repair shops and vehicle owners. Times Square was located at 144 East 12th St. in Erie, PA. Harris Ford, which sold and serviced Fords, was located at 150 East 12th St. It's cool to come across old paper items like this because this is the type of item that most people would have throw away. The one on the left was for an item that cost 36¢ and the bill on the right was for a hose which cost $1.22. 

If you find an old receipt for a new car that was purchased in Erie, send it in and I'll post it here.

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  1. The receipt from Times Square Lincoln-Mercury is for an engine pushrod. (early ford overhead valve engines had a problem with the welded "ball" on the end falling off). I would say it was written by Charles (Boots) Orton. Boots Orton hired me in 1974 at Bianchi Lincoln-Mercury at 5242 Peach. His handwriting was pretty easy to identify.

    The receipt from Harris Ford was for a brake hose. I believe the hose was sold by Roger Sanford, hence the RS initials in the "sold by" field of the receipt.

    Both men were well known and respected as very knowlegable Ford/Lincoln-Mercury Parts Managers.

    Sadly, both are no longer with us, and fondly remembered by many in the Erie area.

    -Dave Miniger

  2. I remember when Harris Ford burned down, and I think more than once.