Sunday, March 3, 2013

Harris Ford Service Reminder Card

Harris Ford in Erie, PA used to send out postcards as reminders to customers when services were recommended for their automobiles. There are at least six different postcards from this Ford dealership, each having a color photo of a classic car on the other side. This card had an 1893 Benz Velo. 

Harris Ford was located at 150 East 12th Street. One of the cards that I have is postmarked June of 1964. The unused card shown above has boxes that could be checked to recommend chassis service, check brakes, change oil filter (which appears not to have come with an oil change), tune engine, inspect tires, check wipers, inspect cooling system and test lights. Harris Ford sold Pennzoil Z-7 motor oil.

Remember the old car batteries...the ones with that you had to add water to? I sure don't miss those.

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