Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Phillips Fruit Company, Erie PA

Phillips Fruit Co. photo courtesy of Tom DiLuzio.
The Phillips Fruit Company was based in Erie, PA for at least 45 years. These wholesale fruit dealers got their start as the L. Phillips' Sons Co. They were located at 451 West 16th Street in 1922. The company was run by Angelo and Joseph Phillips, the sons of Louis and Elizabeth Casciani Phillips.

As the business grew more prosperous, they moved to larger quarters. In 1929 they were located at 11 West 16th Street, across the street from the Central Market.

In 1933, the L. Phillips' Son Company included President Angelo Phillips, Vice-president Sam Corso, and Secretary/treasurer Joseph Phillips.  Albert Phillips was co-owner of the Phillips Fruit Company in 1946.

In 1967, the Phillips Fruit Company made its home at 1502 Parade Street, and was run by Joseph and Albert Phillips.

According to the license plates, the picture above was taken in 1938. The trucks all bear the name Phillips Fruit Co., Erie, Penna. The three on the left are 1937 White Model 802 COE (Cab Over Engine). There are nine men in the picture, but they are not identified by name. It's interesting to note that there are several New York Central Railroad boxcars behind the men, and a couple more sets of tracks in the foreground.

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  1. does anyone know where the photo was taken, or now the model/year of the three identical trucks?????