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Hamot Hospital Donations in 1920

Photo from Hamot Hospital Association 1921 Annual Report.
Here are a few donations to Hamot Hospital during 1920. Do you see any familiar names on this list? 

Mrs. Clyde- 2 baskets of apples; Mrs. Fred Jarecki- 4 bushels of potatoes
Mrs. Charles Clark- 3 quarts of cream
Miss Ella F. Law- 1 pair of metal protective mitts; A. P. Burton & Sons- cut flowers
Mrs. R. K. Jarecki- magazines; Robert Brogden- cut flowers

Mrs. N. J. Alward- magazines; Baur Floral Company- cut flowers
Charles G. Offerle- cut flowers;Mrs. F. W. Bacon- magazines
Dr. R. S. Minerd- magazines; Mrs. J. F. VanCleve- 17 books for the Children's ward
Mrs. Hugh Brown- 10 dozen handkerchiefs, 5 romper suits, 3 waists, 3 union suits, 
        1 rocking horse and toys
Miss C. Scheller- magazines; Mrs. Henry Schaffner- magazines
John Jones- magazines; Mrs. Abraham Schaffner- 28 pound turkey
Mrs. Fred Jarecki- 3 dozen oranges, 2 dozen bananas, California grapes
Lake Shore Ice Cream- 6 quarts family treat ice cream
Dr. John Motier- cut flowers; Holland Mfg. Co.- 2 cutter wheels
Mrs. Louisa Dewitt- $500; Mr. E. R. Behrend- $50 for nurses' Christmas
Mr. E. R. Behrend- $1,749.30 for microscope and $1,500 for laboratory
Mrs. T. R. Palmer- Christmast center pieces
F. D. Schultz & Company- 25 pounds assorted candies
Mrs. Matthew Griswold, Sr.- half box of oranges
Mrs. M. H. Taylor- 1 turkey, 2 pounds cranberries, 3 bunches of celery
Mrs. Clyde B. Leasure- 1 toy ark, magazines, 1 large toy rabbit, 1 large Indian doll
Mrs. Fred Jarecki- 6 cans corn, 6 cans peas, 6 cans tomatoes, 4 pounds of grapes,
      2 pounds of figs, 2 dozen oranges, 2 chickens, 6 pounds of apples

(This is just a sampling of items donated to Hamot in 1920.)

Here's a photo of Hamot Hospital from 1929:

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