Sunday, February 17, 2013

Free Groceries and Drugs at O'Neils in Erie PA

Old Time Erie -ad in Erie Dispatch-Herald, May 7, 1939.
Did you ever read something and do a double take, thinking you misread the text? That's what I did when I saw this ad.
"Free! Basket of Groceries & Drugs" 

The fine print says this offer is limited "to the first 100 people entering our store whether you make a purchase or not." 
O'Neils was a retail discount store at 1024 State Street in Erie, PA. 

Other bargains in this 1939 ad include:
Lifebuoy Soap 5¢
Bed Sheets 39¢
Silk Hose 9¢
Electric Razor 88¢
Men's Shirt 48¢
Curtains 12¢ per pair
Mattresses $3.99
Baby Food 6¢ per can
Card Tables 69¢
Pot Cleaners 3 for 5¢
Shoe Polish 2¢
Dish Towels 3 for 5¢
Blankets 38¢
Women's Sanitary Belts 3¢
Camels 2 packs for 25¢

O'Neils bargain store at 11th and State is long gone. Northwest Savings Bank currently occupies this site.

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