Saturday, February 23, 2013

20 Miles to Boston Store Erie

Old Time Erie 20 Miles to Boston Store photo courtesy of K. Baker.
The Boston Store mile marker signs used to be spread out all over Erie County, PA. It seems like they were posted along the roadside every few miles on Route 20, Route 8, Route a state route and there they were Boston Store signs on it. 

They didn't look very tall when you drove by, but the signs are five feet tall from the ground to the top, and one foot wide.

This is one piece of memorabilia that is rarely seen anymore, as most of the Boston Store mile marker signs are in private collections. 

The Boston Store was located at 718 State St. in Erie, PA. It is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Click here to see a cool photo of the interior of the old Boston Store:

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  1. It seems to my memory as a little kid, on PA5 west of Erie, the 12 mile marker was white on black. It was the only one done that way. And it was the only one I consistently spotted before my older brothers (Car game on trips to Canada)