Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Where did you bank in 1970?

Remember the old days when you had to have your passbook with you to withdraw money from your savings account? When you had to physically go to the bank...in the days before the ATM? When the only plastic you had in your wallet was a Master Charge card? 

There were a handful of banks in Erie, PA back in 1970, and most had a main office on State Street in Downtown Erie. Which banks do you remember?

First National Bank of Pennsylvania
717 State St.
10th & State (Baldwin Building)
4645 West Lake Road (Airport office)
2895 West 26th St. (K-Mart office)
Peach & Gore (Kearsarge office)
4101 Main St. (Lawrence Park office)
West Erie Plaza (Millcreek office)
3106 Buffalo Road (Wesleyville office)
26 East Main St. (North East)
114 High St. (Waterford)

Marine National Bank
901 State St.
114 Erie Central Mall
2701 Legion Road
3608 Liberty St.
3823 West 12th St. (Powell office)
735 East 38th St. (Pine Ave. office)

Security Peoples Trust Company
801 State St.
1727 State St. (18th St. office)
21 North Garwood (Fairview office)
110 Main St. West (Girard office)
Peach & Gore (Kearsarge office)
North Lake St. (Lake City office)

Union Bank & Trust Company Erie
1129 State St.
2212 Broad St. (Perry Plaza office)
2256 West Lake Rd. (8th & Nevada office)
3835 Peach St. (Glenwood office)
1129 Parade St. 
815 East 38th St. (38th & Pine office)
1400 West 26th St. (26th & Bauer Lane office)
27 North Main St. (Union City office)

First National Bank at Albion
53 East State St. (Albion)

First National Bank of Edinboro
Edinboro office
South Main St. (McKean)

National Bank of North East
Buffalo Road (Harborcreek office)
Eastway Plaza
17 West Main St. (North East)

Pennsylvania Bank & Trust Company
22 North Main St. (Union City)
Main St. (Wattsburg office)

Enjoy more historic facts and photos of Erie, PA at: oldtimeerie.blogspot.com


  1. I so remember that. When I moved to FL in 1980 my 'passbook" account had 10K. I still have that as a memnto.
    Mike in Florida

  2. I still have some cancelled checks from Marine National Bank!

  3. I banked at Marine, but later worked at Union Bank; I worked at every branch at one point or another except Union City and Glenwood. Perry Plaza and Parade Street had the nicest customers, and the downtown office had the local celebrities and politicians. It was a fun way to earn money for college.

  4. Marine Bank had some really cool checks with scenes of Erie on them. I wonder if I still have a few?