Thursday, January 10, 2013

Waldameer Park Opening Day 1924

Boating at Waldameer Park, postmarked 1919. Postcard courtesy of Michele H.
Ten to fifteen thousand people visited Waldameer Park in Erie, PA on May 30, 1924. And that was just in the afternoon! About 5,000 people were there in the evening. It was estimated that about one thousand tourists drove from Pittsburgh, PA to enjoy the park, filling every available spot. (Waldameer and Presque Isle State Park have long been favorites of Pittsburgh natives.)

"The kids were given a new treat yesterday in the 'Custer Car.' The miniature automobiles are run by storage batteries and go around a small track. The kids were so tickled at the new racing cars which they drive themselves that at times they were lined 50 deep waiting for a vacant car.

As usual, the Ravine Flyer was popular with young people seeking thrills and a great many of the more timid got their thrill on the Figure-Eight. The Merry-Go-Round was popular with almost everyone. The introduction of new horses and animals, including the elephant, made everybody want to ride the new ponies or the basket on the elephant." -Erie Dispatch-Herald, May 31, 1924.

Waldameer Park and Water World, located at 3100 West Lake Road in Millcreek Township, Erie County, PA, has long been a favorite with many generations of amusement park fans. The park is a favorite for fans of old style wooden roller coasters.

Here is a link to the Top Seven Rides at Waldameer Park in 1941:

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  1. So many wonderful memories of Waldameer. My mom and dad were in the Optimist and OptiMrs clubs and they had a picnic there every summer for kids.

    I went to Academy's 1968 prom at the Rainbow Room. (I was a date, my school was McDowell.. Go Trojans!)