Sunday, January 27, 2013

Waldameer New Comet Roller Coaster 1951

"Erie's famous, colorful amusement park has been under the guidance of Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Moeller for the past 37 summers. It had been in operation for 20 to 25 years as an old fashioned picnic center before the Moellers transformed it into the beautiful amusement center  it is today. The park boasts completely paved midway, expert landscaping with gay flower gardens, sanitary rest rooms and every convenience for your greater comfort. 

Truly, Waldameer is one of the nation's finest amusement parks.

Pictured (left), the newest of Waldameer's thrilling rides, 'The COMET' put into operation for the first time this season. Other big rides include: Ye Mill Chute, a scenic boat ride; Dodgems, Tumble Bug, a beautiful wood carved Merry-Go-Round and flying scooters." -ad in Erie Dispatch, August 15, 1951.

The Comet is one of the finest wooden roller coasters in North America.

Kiddie Land, featured below, includes a small boat ride and a other rides scaled down to the size of young riders.

Here is a link to the Top Ten Rides at Waldameer in 1941:

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  1. I wonder when they added those little pedal cars. I think you had to turn a crank with your hands and it ran on a little track. If the kid in front of you was too slow, you would ram into him.