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Save-An-Eye 1953 All-Star Football Game, Erie PA

Scorecard from the 1953 Lions Club Save-An-Eye Football Game on
The Erie Lions Club hosted the annual Save-An-Eye football game at the Veterans Memorial Stadium in Erie, Pennsylvania on Monday, September 7, 1953. The top players from the city high schools duked it out on the field with the top players from the county high schools. Thousands of people filled the stadium to watch the game, with proceeds going to a worthy cause. 

Carmen Bonito, who was an outstanding teacher and coach at Waterford High School/Fort LeBoeuf High School, handled the coaching duties for the county team along with Joe Timmons. Robert Arrowsmith and Jack Komora handled the reins for the city team.

East High School was represented by seven players: Felix Wedzik, John Priesler, Carl Feick, Jerry Szorek, James Hill, Ted Loader and Don Wisniewski.

Six students represented Academy High School: George Schneider, Joe Franz, Robert Walker, Alan Gunner, Mike Rocco and Gordon Shay.

Cathedral Prep had five players: (tackle) Ditrich, Tony Anthony, (center) Potocki, James Lynch and Joe Pontoriero.

Tech High School was represented by six players: Ron Malek, Ron Rogers, Robert Craig, Rony Baranowski, Tom Valohivic and Ron Eiacomelli.

Strong Vincent High School had six players: Robert Ford, Dom Bianco, Burt Marloew, Don Kimmelman, Dick Speros and Dick Clark.

The City beat the County 12-6.

Here is a link to the 1955 Save An Eye scorecard.

The Sight Center of Northwest Pennsylvania published a book on the 75th Anniversary of the annual Save-An-Eye game. For information, contact the Sight Center, 2545 West 26th Street, Erie, PA.

Enjoy more facts and photos of Erie, PA history at: Old Time Erie

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