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Parade Street Market Vendors circa 1923

-Detail from the 1917 Mueller Atlas of the City of Erie, PA.
Parade Street was a thriving business district in Erie, Pa when A. H. Mueller drew this map 1917. 

The Parade Street Market was located on the northeast corner of 10th & Parade, the current site of a laundromat and car wash. The two movie theaters, the Isis and the Wilkay, are long gone.

The market was located in a large building at 915-931 Parade St. In 1923, the following businesses occupied stalls at the market house. See how many you recognize: 

William Ziegler, produce
Anthony Scolio, produce
George Field, produce
Margaret Denning, baker
Marie Nutter, produce
Transylvania Bakery
Samuel Bovo, produce
Joseph Giamanco, fruits
Herman Potratz, florist
Sperides & Manos, confection.
Smiths Bakery
George Reisenberg, produce
George Del Porto, fruits
Erma Agar, produce
Frieda Bailey, butter, eggs
Katherine Wetterauer, produce
Samuel Lifshitz, produce
Ira Bartlett, butter & eggs; Oscar Marquardt, butter & eggs
Henry Karl, produce 
Henry Tillman, florist
Leonard Spoden, florist; William Denning, grocer
Anton Fetzner, produce; Karl Brown, poultry
Mary Hoehn, produce; Sophie Lang, produce
Enterprise Poultry Company; Anna Eichenlaub, produce
Eliz Youngbluth, produce; Florence Wilkes, baker
Rosanna Meisel, produce; Doretta Renz, baker
Joseph Del Porto, fruits; Eugene Loesch & Sons, fish
Henry Heibel, produce; Annie Peters, produce
Behanna Trajowski, produce;  Barbara Wurst, produce
Emma Caskey, produce; Anna Kuhn, produce

Theodore Tarnesky, produce; Bertha Zimmer, produce
Everhardt Rosenthiehl, produce; Anna Fetzner, produce
John Hubert, butter & eggs; Kate Buettner
Scharrer Fish Company; Frank Leuschen, produce
John Goman, produce; Martin Christensen, produce
Theodore Kapp, meats; Gustave Carlson, meats
Frank Dylewski, meats; Thomas Morrow, produce
Charles Burger, produce; William Spiegel, meats
Charles Jones, meats; Sol Kahn, meats
Carl Paulson, meats, Steve Cvitkovitz, meats

As you can see from this list, a number of people had retail stores in addition to renting a booth(s) at the Parade Street market. 

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  1. My uncle Bill Gemler had his meat market in the Parade St. Market. I used to go there with my dad and my uncle would give me a hot dog to eat. I also remember vividly a place that sold chickens. The chickens were kept in pens and when you chose one they would take it out, cut its head off, drain it, and THEN put the carcass in a large drum of boiling hot water to remove the feathers. Back then chicken was a delicacy and we only had a chicken once in a while on a sunday. Jack Veiga