Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mason's Department Store 1964 Erie PA

Mason's had two discount department stores in Erie, PA in 1964, one at 2026 Broad Street (just north of the Perry Plaza), and a second store at West 12th and Pittsburgh Ave. Mason's opened its first Erie store in 1959. This discount chain was owned by the M. H. Fishman Co. of Columbus, Ohio.

The advertisement on the left, which was published in the Erie Morning News on May 21, 1964, shows the latest fashion in summer sun-wear. Sun dresses for little girls, tropi-cool Jamaica sets and ladies' new pastel-hue summer dresses were all on sale. 

You could also sign up for a flexible credit card from Mason's and receive $3 off your first bill using the coupon on the bottom right. All you had to do was list the husband's name, age, address, employer and salary, along with bank accounts and references. You also had to list your wife's name, and tell if you rented or owned your residence.

My family shopped at the east side location when I was a kid in the early seventies, and I loved to hide in the racks of clothes. Back then, parents didn't have to worry about someone kidnapping their child from a store.

In the Erie area, Mason's was a predecessor to Miller's, Hill's and Value City department stores.

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  1. My late Maternal Grandfather was the store manager at the West 12th St. Mason's from 1959-1969. The East Side Mason's was managed, at least in the 1960s and early 1970's by Edward Shea. He and his wife, Sylvia, and children became good friends of my Grandparents.

  2. I remember what I think was the second line to their radio advertising jingle: Mason's, Mason's shop at Mason's satisfaction guaranteed. Does anyone know the first line if, in fact, there was one?

  3. Apparently you had to be married to get a credit card from there...don't know if any singles ever got credit from Mason's at that time.

  4. "Masons, Masons shop at Masons satisfaction guaranteed. Masons, Masons discount store for all your family's needs."

    There was a a store in the suburbs of Sharon, Pa in Hickory (now Hermitage), and there was an additional tag line, "A mile from downtown, and a mile from high prices too."