Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lakeside Cemetery Veteran Burials circa 1908

Lakeside Cemetery, 1718 East Lake Rd., Erie, Pennsylvania. Postcard courtesy of Tom DiLuzio.

The Strong Vincent Post No. 67, Grand Army of the Republic decorated the graves of soldiers and sailors of the Civil War and the Spanish-American War for Decoration Day in 1908. The most famous veteran buried in the Lakeside Cemetery in Erie, PA is Captain Charles Vernon Gridley

Gridley was the commander of the U.S.S. Olympia during the Spanish-American War. His grave overlooks the bluff of Lake Erie at Lakeside Cemetery. John P. Vincent Gridley, a  U.S. Marine who was killed aboard the U.S.S. Missouri during the Spanish-American War, is also buried in Gridley Circle.

The G.A.R. also decorated the following graves in Lakeside Cemetery in 1908:
James Anderson, Co. H, 5th Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery
Charles A. Baker, U.S. Navy
James N. Beebe, U.S. Navy (served on the U.S.S. Michigan 1869-1891)
Harry Benning, U.S. Navy
Jotham A. Black, Co. K, 10th Vermont Volunteer Infantry
Frederick Boltze, Co. F, 6th Maryland
L. W. Bright, Co. D, 55th Pennsylvania
Lena Bruegel, Army Nurse
Lorenz Burkel, Co. G, 98th Pennsylvania Volunteers
Charles E. Butler, Co. E, 125th Pennsylvania Volunteers
Zacheus Churchill, U.S. Navy
Henry Gernhart, Co. G, 169th Pennsylvania Volunteers
Francis M. Gifford, Co. A, 44th New York Volunteer Infantry
H. C. Gully, U.S. Navy (possibly Henry Gully from the U.S.S. Michigan)
Richard Johnson, Co. D, 83rd Ohio
Ambrose Kennicott, Co. K, 120th New York Volunteers
J. K. Lamphire, 3 Months Erie Regiment
Sigismund Leuckart, U.S. Navy (served on the U.S.S. Michigan)
Robert H. McKay
Clark Nichols, U.S. Army
Amba Orcutt, Co. K, New York Heavy Artillery
George Platt, U.S. Navy
William H. Price, Co. F, 6th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry (Civil War)
George Pulling, Co. K, 47th Wisconsin Volunteers
James C. Rice, U.S. Navy
Fred A. Roth, Co. G, U.S. Cavalry
Martin Ryan, Spanish-American War
A. J. Simons, U.S. Army, Co. D, 112th New York
John R. Smith, Co. C, 98th Pennsylvania
Stephen Strong, Co. K, 98th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
A. J. Thomas, U.S. Navy
Benjamin Tolbert, Co. H, 7th Pennsylvania Reserves
Frank Torrence, Co. F, 30th Michigan Volunteers
Oscar H. Tourtalott, Co. F, 168th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
Philip Wagner, Co. L, 56th New York Volunteer Infantry
Phineas Wheeler, Co. A, 53rd Illinois (he was reinterred at the Erie Cemetery)
Henry N. Ziegler, Co. E, 33rd U.S. Infantry

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