Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gust Seus' Wine & Beer Hall, 9th and Parade, Erie PA

Gus Seus in front of his bar at 908 Parade St. Photo courtesy of Evelyn Konzel Cage.
August 'Gust' Seus had a bar at 908 Parade Street in Erie, PA called The Place. He had a great location, his wine and beer hall was one block south of Kraus' Department Store, and it was across the street from the Parade Street Market. Gust Seus is the man in the white apron in the old photo shown above. He helped his neighbors during the Depression by offering soup and sandwiches. The sign on the left says, "Our Hot Soup at All Hours."

Gust was born in Hammett, Erie Co., PA in 1883, and was married to Mary Ebach Seus. He worked for Terry Reagan at Reagan's Cafe, 913 Parade Street, in 1942. Gust passed away in 1972.

One of the neat details in this photo are the Erie Brewing Company corner signs posted at the top of the front windows, advertising beer, ale and porter. If you can find an original sign, it has red letters, a gold trim frame, and a sky-blue 'B' in the center.

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