Monday, December 31, 2012

The Moonlighters Rocked Rainbow Gardens

Remember Rockin' in the New Year with the Moonlighters at Rainbow Gardens in Erie, PA?

This poster is probably from 1989, since guitarist Keith Veschecco is in this photo, second from the left. Wendy Stevens was the lead vocalist, and Tim Papotnik (far right) played keyboards. 

The musician on the far left is drummer John Portonova, and Steve Witkowski might be the third man from the left. 

The Moonlighters were a very popular local Top 40 rock band in the 1980s. Their New Year's Eve show at Rainbow Gardens at Waldameer Park was usually performed in front of a packed house.

Bill McLean opened for the Moonlighters for this show.

Here is a link to a 1990 article about the late Keith Veschecco:

John Portonova was in Vertical Union prior to joining the Moonlighters. You can read about Vertical Union here:

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  1. L-R: John Portnova, Keith Veshecco, Steve Witkowski, Wendy, Tim Papotnik.