Saturday, December 22, 2012

Millcreek Subdivision Names, Lakewood

Zahniser ad in the Erie Daily Times, May 29, 1927.
The Zahniser Company placed an ad in the Erie, PA newspaper in 1927 to show potential homebuyers where the new Lakewood subdivision was located. Little did they know it would someday be in the path of the Erie International Airport Tom Ridge Field, shown on this map as the 'Flying Field' on the left.

Lakewood was situated in Millcreek Township. Lakewood Park still exists between 10th and 12th Streets, from Chelsea Avenue to Oakmont Ave.

There are several subdivisions shown on this map, including Avondale, Kelso Park, Orth Gardens, Forest Park, Eaglehurst, Glenrudah, Hartt Estates, Pulakos, Whitney Garden, Richland, West Lawn, Duncan Acres and Westminster.

Waldameer Park is shown in the circle in the top center of the map. Here is an article about Rainbow Gardens at Waldameer Park:

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  1. I lived in Kelso Park for a year from 1973 to 1974. Loved it there, just up the hill from the beach and the Haunted Castle Bar.