Monday, December 31, 2012

Friction Rocked Rainbow Gardens on New Year's Eve

You and me we're goin' Rockin' Tonight at Rainbow Gardens, where Friction will help ring in the New Year. But not tonight.

In the 80s and early 90s, we had a Love to Live By, courtesy of Friction. Sure, we were younger then, but as we said, we ain't bad kids, we're just tryin' to fake it. So when the ball drops, At Midnight I Go Punk. It's Too Late to Cry, and this ain't no Broken Heart Charity Ball.

Rockin' my baby on the tree top, Baby Talk. You couldn't turn on the radio and not hear a Friction tune, especially if you listened to K-104. Nobody was Down & Lonely when these guys were around.

Bob Michel, Marty Scott, Marlon Coe and the boys in Friction packed them in at Rainbow Gardens at Waldameer Park, and at practically any other gig they played in Erie, PA and the Tri-state area. If you followed the band you always had a chance to Wave Goodbye to a Friend at the end of the night.

Friction performed a reunion gig at Rainbow Gardens in 2008.

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  1. We ain't bad kids we're just trying to fool ya. at....midnight i go punk,

    why isn't any of these songs on youtube? how come ascaap and bmi has nothing on this band?

    everybody's going rocking tonight so come on join in the fight. we're taking rock 'n' roll to the top, so play your records it'll never stop. you and me we're going rocking and rolling tonight.