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Christmas Dinner at Central Market, 16th & State 1922

ad in the Erie Dispatch-Herald, December 22, 1922.
The Central Mall was located on the west side of State Street in Erie, Pennsylvania, from the railroad tracks south to West 16th Street. You could buy meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables at one location. This was long before Wegman's, Giant Eagle, Erie County Farms and Tops Friendly Markets came to town.

The Central Mall was a place for individuals or families to rent a booth to sell their goods. John C. Nick sold butter for 52¢, Philip Bova had oranges for 40¢ a dozen and Fred E. Bowers (who also had a corner store at 21st & Ash) had raisins for 33¢ for two pounds. 

Roy E. Tarr (who also had a butcher shop at 1102 West 10th St. in Erie, PA) sold fresh ham for 20¢ per pound. Ernest Throop sold chickens, ducks and eggs from his farm. He also sold cigarettes for $1.25 a carton and two pounds of sugar for 15¢. 

Central Market was the "Market at the Market, where you could buy everything for the table." This public market house was demolished by the Erie Redevelopment Authority. If you would like to step back in time and have a shopping experience similar to that of the Central Market, be sure to visit the West Side Market, at 1979 West 25th Street in Cleveland, OH.

Here is a link to a photo of the old Erie Central Market:

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