Monday, November 26, 2012

WICU-TV Sunbeam Christmas Show 1955

-ad in Erie Dispatch, December 25, 1955.
Christmas of 1955 was a special time for kids in Erie, Pennsylvania. 'Let's Be Friends,' the tri-state area's number one live show, presented a special Christmas Show on December 25, 1955.

The show aired on WICU-TV, the local NBC affiliate, and was sponsored by the Firch Baking Company. Firch's spokesperson was 'Little Miss Sunbeam.'

Paul Dwyer was the host of 'Let's Be Friends.' The Christmas Show featured Judy Zalewski, a seven year-old singer; Judy Yoculan, a ten year-old ventriloquist; Tech High School grad Carmen Riazzi, who played basketball at the University of Dayton; Cathedral Prep grad Jim Schaaf, who played football at the University of Notre Dame; and Dan Kelly, the Academy High School concert pianist.

The Tune Toppers performed the music on this live show. The guests performed live at the WICU studio at 3514 State Street in Erie, PA.

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  1. Imagine my surprise tonight when my 15 year old grandson texted this ad to me. I am Judy Yoculan, the ten year old ventriloquist. I appeared frequently on the Sunday night "Let's Be Friends" show. Great memories. Thanks for posting.

  2. Your grandson is a great researcher, Judy. I bet you have many great memories of Old Time Erie. Drop me an e-mail sometime so I can pick your brain. Thanks for leaving a comment.