Thursday, November 8, 2012

Shaw Piano, West 12th and Raspberry Erie, PA

-ads in Atkinson's Erie City Directory (1894, 1897) and Shaw Piano die-cut trade card.
If you live or work in Erie, PA, there's a good chance you have driven by the old Shaw Piano factory and not even realized it. I know I have. The Shaw Piano Company was located in the four-story brick building on the southeast corner of 12th and Raspberry.

Shaw Piano was organized by Congressman Matthew Griswold on March 28, 1890. He was president of the company, his son Matthew Jr. was vice-president, Henry J. Raymore was secretary, and Marvin Griswold was treasurer. This is the same family that owned the Griswold Manufacturing Co.

Shaw was originally located at 1124 Peach Street; the factory opened around 1892 at 1053 West 12th Street in Erie.

Creditors forced the Shaw Piano Company into bankruptcy on August 23, 1901. Griswold Mfg. moved into the old Shaw building shortly thereafter. This 63,550 square foot factory was later occupied by the Cohen Industrial Supply Co. This building still stands; developers are going to turn it into a haunted house.

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