Sunday, November 25, 2012

Perry Square Carnival, State Street, Erie PA

Perry Square Carnival around 1963. Photo ©Debbi Lyon 2012.
Perry Square was blocked off for a winter carnival around 1963 in Erie, Pennsylvania. Food vendors lined up along the west side of State Street. You could buy a foot long hotdog, cotton candy or a candy apple. There were rides on the east side of State Street. The flying helicopter ride was set up here near South Park Row.

The Hotel Richford, which is now Richford Arms, is the tall brick building in the center of the picture. The old State Store was in the building to the right of the hotel on North Park Row; that building has since been torn down.

Here is an old postcard of the Richford Hotel:

A number of events have been held on State Street at Perry Square over the years, including We Love Erie Days, Erie Rib Fest and Roar on the Shore.

What's your favorite Perry Square Erie festival?

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  1. Notice the old time kerosene highway warning pots underneath the barracades. Havent seen them in quite a while...keep up the good work Debbi!!!!!