Monday, November 5, 2012

Koehler Brewery 1888 Trifecta Erie PA

-ad in Cooke, Howard & Co. Erie PA 1888 directory.
The Koehler family members are amongst the best-known brewers from Erie, Pennsylvania. Charles Koehler, the patriarch of the family, had a brewery on 26th and Holland Street. Following his death in 1869, his sons- Fred, Louis and Jackson Koehler, carried on his business.

By 1888, the sons had their own businesses. Fred Koehler & Co. was located at the corner of 26th and Holland Streets. Fred was a partner of Adolph L. Curtze.

Louis Koehler owned the City Bottling Works at 1311 State Street. In addition to beer, he bottled and manufactured ginger ale, pop, birch beer, pear cider and mineral water.

Jackson Koehler, owner of the Eagle Brewery at 22nd and State Street, was the brewer that most people are familiar with. By 1895, Jackson was brewing 30,000 barrels of beer per year.

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