Friday, October 12, 2012

What's Underneath Jerry Uht Park?

Detail of East 10th and French form the 1851 John Bevan survey.

What's underneath Jerry Uht Park?

It would be a stretch to say a river ran through it, but a creek certainly did cut through the Erie Seawolves' field of dreams. The John Bevan map shown above shows the location of Mill Creek in 1851.

Mill Creek overflowed on August 3, 1915 with disastrous results. Mill Creek was later tamed by a large tube which began on Glenwood Park Avenue, near 30th Street, and contained the creek underneath yards, buildings and businesses, including Jerry Uht Park and the Tullio Arena (Erie Civic Center).

The tube also ran under the old Sears building, which was demolished prior to the construction of Jerry Uht Park. Read about the grand opening of Sears here:

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