Sunday, October 7, 2012

State Street Erie PA pre-Bayfront Highway

State St. in Erie, PA looking north to Public Steamboat Landing. Courtesy of Erie Police historian Ken Sidun.

Here's a gritty-looking shot taken around 1910 from the west side of State Street in Erie, PA near the spot where the Bayfront Highway cuts across State. The building on the left with 'Chew Honey Scrap' painted on the side was demolished, as were the smaller buildings in the foreground. The bow of the USS Wolverine sat in the park on the left before it was moved to a spot on East Front Street in front of the Maritime Museum. This photo was taken before the Wolverine was cut up for scrap. 

The low building on the east side of State Street used to sit at the northeast corner of State and East Front Street. It no longer exists, nor does the big building on the right which is partially obscured by a man walking past the photographer. 

There is a delivery truck belonging to Ed. Kraus on the right side of the photo. Edward Kraus started Kraus' Department Store at 810-816 Parade Street in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1886.

 A cobblestone street similar to the one in this photo, called Dobbins Lane, still exists off of State Street, just north of the office building at 100 State Street in Erie, PA.

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